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Annoying people can be charged for being merely annoying.



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Super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), the world's strongest tropical cyclone of 2013, is packing winds in excess of 300 kilometers per hour, the US military said early Friday morning, just before the cyclone made landfall in the Visayas.

Many people have written me asking for updates on Ken’s status and condition. Regretfully, the news is not good.  The legal process here is so slow.  Staying in any hospital for 17 months is no pleasure but it is better than a stay in the City Jail.  It would take thousands of dollars to lift Ken out of the financial hole he is in.  Maybe folks can toss in 20 to 100 dollars.  As Ken says, any amount will help.

Midnight Rock is now OPEN!!!!

At last I have been given the go ahead to open up today Tuesday August 2oth. It’s been a tough and interesting week for me to say the least. I haven’t been home since the closure notice was issued last week.

I have been in touch on a daily basis with the Mayors’ office at City Hall and everyone has been overly helpful. The closure notice contained new infringements which weren’t on the original report, however all was eventually ironed out.

The Mayor personally intervened on this one, (as did other very influential people), and gave instructions to his staff to assist me, which they did. I also had a long discussion with the Mayors’ private secretary who acknowledged that the alleged violations were minimal and that a closure notice was unwarranted. There were some small formalities that needed to be completed, such as the lifting of the closure order which required the signature of the City Hall lawyer.

I didn’t meet the inspector who actually issued the closure notice on Midnight Rock, but I did see many of his colleagues who were all friendly and helpful.

I would like to extend my thanks to the many board members (and indeed non board members), who sent messages volunteering their assistance during this somewhat trying time.

Anyway, all is done and dusted and Midnight Rock is once again open for business. Let the fun begin, and notwithstanding earthquakes, typhoons or Pinatubo erupting, (or even despite them), I shall be on stage on Thursday night at 8pm (ish). Welcome all!

I was at the bar early today in preparation for the worst. I texted the inspectors asking what time they would be coming to re-inspect. They informed me that they would be there mid-afternoon. They duly arrived and I was outside to meet them. They informed me that they were aware that we had already re-opened on Friday without their permission!  Further, they went on to say that they did not now want to re-inspect the bar.


I invited them inside the bar however to reassure them that the necessary alleged infringements had been rectified. They refused. Moreover, they didn’t appear to be annoyed, but rather nonchalant. They did not come into my bar but instead proceeded to T & A bar next door and promptly closed them down for what I heard was a faulty fan. (I must say at this juncture that this is only hearsay, however T & A are at present closed).


Midnight Rock is open, nevertheless, I must admit to be slightly concerned at the stance taken by the inspectors. Only time will tell.

The next few days will dictate what the outcome of my decision will be.

 On Wednesday evening, Midnight Rock was the latest in a line of bars to be hit by City Hall.

ANGELES City -- Two women were arrested while a guest relations officer was rescued in a sting operation conducted by the Pampanga Criminal Investigation and Detection Team (CIDT) in Bgy. Malabanias here before midnight on Wednesday.

Primo, on Perimeter Road, was destroyed by a fire on 7 May.


The former business owners, accused of defrauding jobseekers with promises of employment in the UK, have hit their lowest ebb as prosecutors drag out the remaining charges against them.

Harry the Horse newsletter May 2013

Paul Dean Davy, 53, was shot in the back of the head while talking to another Australian man at the Blue Rock Beach Resort.

Latest Harry the Horse Newsletter here:

Ken Graham (Still in hospital)and his brother Robert in April 2013

Harry the Horse February Issue

The following is a broadcast e-mail just received from Ken.

A fire swept through a hotel early Friday in a resort in the northern Philippines, killing seven people.

The bad thing about the Philippines is corruption.- The good thing about the Philippines is corruption.

Many of those who died were sleeping as Typhoon Washi caused rivers to burst their banks, leading to landslides.

Harry The Horse latest December 2012 issue

Merry Christmas!

Interesting article since staff of Stampede is denying any raid occurred???

Once again some one is determined to kill this gentle English gentleman.

The basic status of Abortion in the Philippines is that it is illegal, or banned by rule of law.

Ian Bolton became the hot story for October but did so in a very dramatic manner.

The on going dilemma of Ken Graham continues:

How the Philippino's eat their eggs!

He said the money will come from contributions to his election campaign.

"The bad thing about the Philippines is the corruption.


The good thing about the Philippines is the corruption".

There was no robbery attempt.

An owner of a travel agency was shot dead by a vendor from Marawi City after an argument over space along Fields Avenue here at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday.

The threat remains in effect until October 10.


FBI vs Secret Service?

The Philippines has outlawed cybersex and online sex video chat.

Watch the video and learn!

Over the past few years I have closely monitored a number of criminal cases brought against foreigners.

Relationships between foreigners and prostitutes rarely reach a satisfactory conclusion by Western standards.

Sex tourists be warned!

Typhoon Saola was the seventh of 20 typhoons and storms expected to batter the Philippines this year.

You have to take the good with the bad.

Ken Graham in hospital and still under Police supervision. Unsurprisingly, not looking like a happy camper.

The GOLDEN NILE has been closed by City Hall under order from the Mayor...

i know no further details as yet...

The security guard employed by the new Pancho Villa Mexican restaurant (2 doors away from Midnight Rock) was murdered last night whilst on duty. His cell phone and more importantly, his gun were stolen. More details to follow.

‘Cause if you don’t you’ll be arrested


Harry The Horse June 2012

Rockin Dave explores the Mount Pinatubo Volcano on the Island of Luzon, Philippines.

Email from Ken Graham

At least 10 police officers have been relieved of duty.

A case that recently came to my attention is disturbing.

Sounds interesting.......

Just my luck bar has closed its doors as of yesterday May 10th 2012.

“Instead of having all passengers line up to pay terminal fees, we will only have those who are entitled to refund line up for their reimbursements,” Honrado said.

A mother's revenge for the murder of her son

Ken Graham, Joyce Pungos and Rose (Mommie Rose) Craste are now confined at the Angeles City jail.

Korean lured compatriots to PH for sex, charged P75K per ‘escort’

One woman from a foreign country who wanted to join the crucifixion was not given clearance and therefore was not allowed to be crucified due to health risks.

Coyote Ugly bar was raided on Saturday 10pm 31 March 2012

In response to all the email and text messages, I thought it appropriate to clarify the present situation with regard to the ownership of Midnight Rock Bar, 'Coyote Ugly', Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines:

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