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Copyright exists in all records/downloads issued by Midnight Rock. Any unauthorised  broadcasting, public performance, copying and re-recording of such recordings in any manner whatsoever will constitute an infringement of copyright.

What does that mean?? It means exactly that!!!!!!!!!!

We are regularly finding our label products on illegal download sites and are reporting them and getting them removed on a regular basis. This involves the anti-piracy units which I must say are doing a great job at removing and blocking sites within minutes and the necessary authorities in those countries Worldwide are being notified of offences being committed which also includes trademarks and pictures belonging to such products. All of these organizations have no hesitation in instigating raids and taking perpetrators to court and we have authorized them all to do so.

Therefore all recordings and or publishing rights that we find belonging to our label we will have no hesitation in reporting illegal downloads/uploads.

There is no warning - Simple as that!

If illegal downloaders/uploaders wish their internet to be disconnected, - they will, as well as the fines, costs and jail sentences and which are now being passed down.

We are the legal label and copyright owners.

We are also informing all labels, artistes if we come across theirs too.

So do yourselves and the artiste a favor and buy only legal CD’s from the authorized Dealers, then everybody will be happy.

music file-sharer must pay damages

Joel Tenenbaum must pay $675,000 (£426,000) in damages awarded to the major US music labels after his request for a retrial was turned down.

Mr Tenenbaum, 25, was found guilty of illegally downloading and distributing 31 songs in 2007.

A judge in Massachusetts ruled that the damages, set by a jury in 2009, had been fair.

Mr Tenenbaum was 16 years old when a letter was sent to his parents' home accusing him of illegal file-sharing.

He was asked to pay $5,250 (£3,319) for downloading seven songs. He claims he offered $500 (£316) which was all he could afford at the time, and it was declined.

In 2007 the case went to court for the first time. On his website Joel Tenenbaum says that he counter-claimed "asserting abuse of federal power".

He refused to settle and a new trial was set for 2009. The result of that trial was the awarding of damages to the major US record labels.

In the US a jury can set a fine of up to $150,000 for every occasion of wilful copyright infringement, meaning that Mr Tenenbaum's fine is below the maximum he could have received for the 31 songs he was found guilty of illegally sharing.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said it was "pleased" with the decision made by District Court Judge Rya Zobel in Massachusetts, reports Cnet.

In court Mr Tenenbaum had admitted to file-sharing around 800 songs.

"I used the computer. I uploaded, I downloaded music," he said.


US court to rule on ReDigi's MP3 digital music resales