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Dave Taylor: This Is Boogie Woogie!


Dave Taylor: Still Rockin


Dave Taylor: Shotgun Boogie


Dave Taylor: Cadillacs & Moonlight


Dave Taylor: A Rocker


Dave Taylor: Boogie In The City


Dave Taylor: Hooked on Jive


Dave Taylor: Nordic Dream


Dave Taylor: Time For Rock


Dave Taylor: Before The Dream


Dave Taylor: Midnight Tone


Dave Taylor: Songs From The Other Side


Dave Taylor and The Drapes: Taylor-made for Rock


Dave Taylor: Big Band Boogie & Jive

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I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, in my next life I would want to live my life backwards.

My Ideology.

You are an expert at creating rationalizations for Jesus. The reason you are an expert is because Jesus does not answer any of your prayers. The reason why Jesus does not answer any of your prayers is because Jesus and God are imaginary.

Anyone For mass?

Your call.........

Think about it.....

That is how we know that they are all imaginary.

How can it be that God is answering millions of prayers, yet it is impossible for God to answer a prayer? It is because all of those "answered prayers" are simply coincidences....

Here we are faced with an enigma -- a talking snake.

And then the government will take all. So sayeth the lord!

Kids and Religion
The term "devil's advocate" comes from the Roman Catholic church. When deciding if someone should be sainted, a devil's advocate is always appointed to give an alternative view.

 Has anybody seen my cock?

And this is the book that you go into court and swear on....

Gay marriage legalized on the same day as marijuana makes perfect
biblical sense:

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