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Dave Taylor: This Is Boogie Woogie!


Dave Taylor: Still Rockin


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Dave Taylor: Cadillacs & Moonlight


Dave Taylor: A Rocker


Dave Taylor: Boogie In The City


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Dave Taylor: Nordic Dream


Dave Taylor: Time For Rock


Dave Taylor: Before The Dream


Dave Taylor: Midnight Tone


Dave Taylor: Songs From The Other Side


Dave Taylor and The Drapes: Taylor-made for Rock


Dave Taylor: Big Band Boogie & Jive

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Experience an international act here in Angeles City...................and all for free!

I had been around for a couple of years. Often heard mention of Midnight Rock but never ventured in.

Had visitors in town and took them one Thursday night. Wow oh WOW! A great night and ex UK bandleader "Rockin"-Dave (Taylor) had the whole stomping and clapping.

For an old bugger like me it was reminiscent of Winifred Atwell and her 'other piano' whom I had witnessed in the Christchurch Town Hall when I was about 12 years old.

Been back several times and enjoyed myself every time! Even the FL is singing some of those old numbers now.

Give Dave a visit and be sure to tell him that you are a BM of

MIDNIGHT ROCK. For the Swinging Hounds

Midnight Rock--Rockin Dave show

Every Thursday night at 8pm Rockin Dave Taylor performs a unique show. Dave is a British pianist/singer and an excellent showman. His act is mainly 50/60s
rock n roll classics along with swing jive and boogie woogie songs. Dave plays the piano with gusto and many parts of his body not only the hands. Outstanding entertainment and unlike the locals, he can actually sing.

Rock is at stall 9/10/11 Don Juico Ave (perimeter road) situated between T and A bar and Happy Rock. It is in the block of bars which include Nasty Duck , foxys etc.

There are seats for around 40 customers but get there before the show starts if you want a good seat as it gets pretty packed during the show.

They have 20 or so dancers who jive along dancing during the show. Now these are how can I say a bit on the beefy side but hey this might be your taste in girls. Certainly they are energetic and there are a few diamonds in the rough. But we not there for the girls---right.

Worth a visit and even the lady poodle I was with enjoyed it.

Their web site is at

Worth checking their as they sometimes bring in other artists to play with Dave.



A Rockers Guide to The Galaxy – The new CD by Rockin Dave Taylor


Rock & roll, boogie-woogie, ballads, swing and good original jive, nowadays quite difficult to find, performed by one of the most charismatic British musicians of that genre. Rockin Dave is a very good singer and a genuine piano player, who represents the classic fifties style, with more than forty years of experience and a good number of records/cds behind him.

This cd includes twenty tracks where you will find own compositions together with versions of, among others, Moon Mullican, Bobby Boulter or Lou Willie. The songs belong to different moments of Rockin Dave’s life, from “Schooldays” –recorded back in 1975- to the recent ones that come from 2000 onwards, all of them performed in a convincing and determined way, thanks to the good work of a bunch of professional musicians, who know what they are doing - and how to do it.

Rockin Dave is backed by a horn section including tenor, alto and baritone sax, trumpet and trombone, plus guitar, pedal steel, string arrangements, acoustic bass, drums and other different instruments in some tracks such as flute, violin, viola, cello, accordion… and so on. A cd that should be taken into account. GREAT!


You can buy the CD on line from CDBaby at:

Or download any or all the tracks at:

Or for those of you in the Philippines, you can even get a personally signed copy from Rockin Dave at: Midnight Rock Bar Angeles City Philippines!



Rockin Dave Rocks up a storm!!


For a long time Rockin Dave has been inviting me to attend his Thursday rock and roll show, featuring, of course, himself and I never make it because if is my dart night.  But, last month, he had a bunch of tourists in for this Thursday night show and they liked it so much that they wanted to see it again before they left but it had to be on a Tuesday night.

Dave sent me a message and this time I was able to get there.  Not only did I attend but I brought along the Mrs and she was flabbergasted that I invited her out to a bar with me.  This is only the second time, the last time was a year ago when we visited the Golden Nile.  Twice in thirty years, that’s enough, I do not want to spoil her.  My problem now is she has become a Rockin Dave fan and wants to go again.

Personally, I think that Dave should perform at least twice a week instead of just once.  Lets face it, he is the draw to that bar and I was leased to see a few more dancers than the last time I was there.  If you have not seen this super piano player just go on you tube and search his name.  You will see the younger performer with a lot of hair and much thinner.  He was well known back when and had a lot of CD’s and videos.  In fact, he will sell you some if you ask.

For sure, you want to visit the Midnight Rock on a Thursday night, it is a treat and a welcome change from just watching listless, but sexy dancers in other bars.  Dave, please, add another night to your entertainment schedule.  You ain’t so old that you can’t hang it all out twice a week instead of one?



Just when I had almost decided that each bar in Angeles was pretty much a clone of the others, I came across something different. I stumbled into Midnight Rock about 10:00 last Thursday night and found the ‘joint was a rolling and a rockin’, going round and round’ to quote Chuck Berry.

Rockin’ Dave Taylor, who owns/manages Midnight Rock, was pumping out rock and roll music on the piano with a flair and power that Jerry Lee Lewis would be proud of. The music from the 50s and early 60s that led the rock rebellion was so familiar, and Dave’s flamboyance on the keyboard so mesmerizing, I couldn’t get enough of it. I missed girls in their wide skirts and multi-layered petticoats, bobby sox and flat soled pink shoes jiving all round the place but I guess you can’t have everything in this life.

And if you should ever doubt Dave’s ability or his authenticity, don’t. Dave has toured with Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, B.B. King and the real Shakin’ Stevens as well as having a successful solo career. The man knows his stuff and puts on a great show every Thursday night from 8:00.

Get yourself down to Midnight Rock on Don Juico Avenue/Perimeter Road one Thursday and soak up the music from a kinder, gentler age. You won’t be sorry.

Live Music Angeles City Rock n Roll

Midnight Rock has live music every Thursday with the talent of Dave Taylor
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It's time to dust off your rock & roll shoes and get on down to Midnight Rock!!
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I encourage you guys to check our his YouTube Channel some really good talent gentleman

Here's a sample video:

Rockin' Dave's YouTube Channel

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ave Taylor, has created a unique blend of Big Band Rock*n*Roll, Rhythm*n*Blues and Jump Jive rolled into one. During the early days of his career, Dave auditioned with Rock Island Line, then managed by Phil Bailey, and met with Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers to discuss joining their band - although, after due consideration, in 1972 Dave decided to form his own band, Little Dave & The Rhythm Band. Dave, at that time 15 years of age, knew nothing about running a band and it soon fell apart, but Dave went on to join a local professional band The Earthquakes, while working on the assembly line at Raleigh Industries in Nottingham, with fame nothing more than a dream. In 1975, Dave replied to an advertisement in the Melody Maker for an audition at the Adam & Eve, a well- known Rock*n*Roll venue in Homerton, in the east end of London. At the audition, Dave was snapped up by the then popular Rock*n*Roll group, the Hellraisers, who were in fact looking for a saxophone player! Having tried out a plethora of sax players, the band decided to give the job to Dave, and the very next day he found himself sailing out to Denmark to perform at the famous Hard Rock Café in Copenhagen.

Two years of hard touring followed and, as well as working with the likes of Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Shakin’ Stevens, the following years consisted of tours throughout Europe and Scandinavia together with continuous session work. Dave has established the Midnight Rock record label and continues to produce recordings at his Midnight Rock Studio, taking time off to tour the world. Dave’s songs have been licensed to companies worldwide and appear on countless compilations, including promotional albums for Coca-Cola and the Co-Operative Bank, among others. In 2004, Dave was voted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, fast forward to 2008 and Dave is currently building a new recording studio facility on the Costa Blanca, Spain, where the Midnight Rock operations will be relocated in due course. As part of his show, Dave has parachuted to various venues with his Skyjivers parachute display team! So, for Rockin’ Dave Taylor, even the sky’s not the limit....

Cool Curry and Rock & Roll

Fancy some Classic Rock piano and vocals with a tasty Curry and Rice to soak up the beer before venturing home to Her Indoors? At Midnight Rock on Don Juico Avenue both can be achieved from the comfort of your bar stool.

 Rockin Dave can do more things with a piano than Jerry Lee Lewis could ever imagine. Catch Dave in the mood to give it some welly and you will see a natural performer; fine pianist and a walking encyclopedia of rock & roll in his natural environment. Dave likes a good crowd to play to and good crowds seem to like him. His cabaret girls are getting livelier these day and though they see Dave bashing the ivories every week on Thursday nights Dave can still surprise them a with a new trick or two.

Off stage Dave is a touch reserved and always a gentleman. Dave has been in the Rock Business ever since it became a business as opposed to a teenage rebellion. In the  "entertainment" district of Angeles City a professional entertainer like Dave is as rare as rocking horse manure. A true gem.

On Wednesday, 26 Aug 09, I witnessed great entertainment at the Midnight Rock. I saw first hand the piano playing and singing of "Rockin Dave" at this new Club that was previously known as "Electric Blue".

Dave had been open for a few days already but on this particular night he had sort of a formal opening with the help of some of other Club owners who provided an array of dancers that really livened the place up. Represented were ladies from Emotions, Dr. Holm's, Stampede and Eruptions and of course, the Midnight ladies themselves. The highlight of the evening though had to be the show put on by the man himself - Rocking Dave.

This is definitely something different to look forward to and I do believe that Dave will develop a good fan base and some loyal customers. I am hoping that he will perform about every hour on the hour for fifteen minutes or so because he is the main attraction. Yes, he has the ladies, the club is nice, the music is not loud, the prices are reasonable, the dancers are energetic but he does need a few more to fill out the bill. This is a club that will not be an overnight success but it will grow in popularity over time. One can feel comfortable taking your girlfriend there and even the Mrs just to see the antics of Dave on stage.

One thing is for sure, the Midnight Rock will continue to Rock on and Dave's piano will not be silenced. He has too much talent to share with the patrons of his Club and his business will grow accordingly. Everyone likes to look at the ladies, me included and there sure are enough places in town to do that to your hearts content but there is always room for a bit of show business as well, thank you, Dave, for providing that. Take care Dave, see you soon,

Dave Taylor: A Rocker


If you like your rock & roll to be pure and unadulterated, this latest collection from local boy Rockin' Dave Taylor is a joy. Beeston-born Taylor, a one-time Raleigh apprentice, has been banging out rock and boogie woogie albums for more than three decades, as well as performing all over the world.


This latest offering on his own Midnight Rock label features self-penned numbers and classics like Blueberry Hill, Choo Choo Ch Boogie and Giddy-up-a-ding-dong, all given Taylor's distinctive honky-tonk piano treatment. Stand-outs include Dave's arrangement of Count Basie's Jumpin' at the Woodside, the Fleecie Moore rocker Caldonia, and an upbeat treatment of Mona Lisa, another oft-recorded song which gave Nat King Cole, Conway Twitty and Notts singer Shane Fenton (aka Alvin Stardust) varying degrees of success.

A Rocker's Guide to the Galaxy takes Taylor's album tally over the 20 mark and it is another irrepressible selection of the Kent-based Rockabilly Hall of Famer.

Out now!

A Rocker's Guide to the Galaxy de Dave Taylor (Midnight Rock MCD 607)

Ce pianiste anglais a fait une belle carrière en Finlande. Sa première idole fut Bill Haley et cela se sent sur bon nombre de ses titres au son rock'n'roll plein avec piano et saxo, style plutôt délaissé au profit du rockabilly bar beaucoup d'artistes actuels. Cette compliation enthousiasmante regroupe 21 titres allant de 1978 à 2005, don't les meilleurs moments sont les rock'n'rolls Keep it Up Baby, Goin' to Heaven, Giddy-up-a-Ding-Dong ou Tell Me Why, un Rock Me lewisien, le boogie instrumental Fingertippin' Boogie, le slow 50's très doo-wop I've Lost Her This Time, les reprises de Saturday Night Fish Fry, Boogie Woogie Country Girl, Mona Lisa qu'un saxo rend bien plus rock'n'roll que d'autres versions Choo Choo Ch' Boogie ou Caldonia, le rockabilly Mind Your Own Business ou le hillbilly boogie She Won't Rock.

A British man has been arrested and threatened with 14 years in jail for "harbouring" his Brazilian fiancee at his home in Kent. Dave Taylor, 48, spent 15 months on bail as he fought to clear his name. But hours before he was due in court, prosecutors dropped all charges -- leaving taxpayers with a bill of at least £50,000.

Today he spoke of his anger at the ordeal he had been put through. Legal experts and race relations chiefs questioned how the case had been allowed to carry on for so long. Critics claimed that the effort put into prosecuting Mr Taylor was disproportionate when the Government estimates there are 430,000 migrants living illegally in Britain.

Mr Taylor -- an entertainer, who uses the stage name Rockin' Dave Taylor -- married Brazilian nurse, Rosyane Costa Ferreira this summer. They had been living together in the UK for more than 6 years. He said he had been left thousand of pounds out of pocket, and had been put on medication for depression as a result of the wrangle. He said: "My professional and home life have been thoroughly disrupted. I have been under severe stress. I have waded through hundreds of pages of jargon presented by the prosecution and spent months going through documents in preparation for the trial. "If my experience reflects the standard of the British justice system, I think it leaves very much to be desired."

Immigration law expert Nicola Appleton of solicitors Lewis Silkin said: "I'm astonished that it got to this stage. It does seem an enormous waste of taxpayers' money."

Lord Ouseley, the former chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said the case left him "depressed and despondent about the state of the management and administration in the Home Office's immigration and nationality services". He said: "I am staggered how anyone can penetrate this incompetent bureaucracy."

Police arrested Mr Taylor and ransacked his home near Herne Bay, Kent, in a dawn raid led by Detective Constable John Crawford, in July 2004. They also arrested and deported his fiancee, now wife, Rosyane Costa-Ferreira.

Mr Taylor, who has performed at exotic venues worldwide, including Japan, Hong Kong and Russia, was held 2 days in a police cell. He was told in his initial police interview that he was suspected of masterminding a major people-smuggling operation. Documents seized from his home proved swiftly that the only foreign national he had travelled with was Rosyane Costa-Ferreira, who had regularly accompanied him to gigs on the Continent.

Yet he was charged under the 1971 Immigration Act on two counts of facilitating her illegal entry to the UK and knowingly harbouring her once she was in the country.

Mr Taylor claims that a visa in Miss Costa-Ferreira's passport would have proved that she had permission to be in the UK. But the passport is alleged to have 'gone missing' among documents seized by police. It has never been recovered.

His own lawyers advised him to plead guilty and accept a prison term of around four years, instead of fighting the case and risking a much longer sentence.

This issue has been taken up on behalf of Mr Taylor by Julian Brazier, MP for Canterbury, who says he is appalled that a British subject could be treated in this manner.

Mr Taylor, who has played with such celebrities as Bill Haley and Chuck Berry, insists Rosyane -- now his wife -- was in Britain legally at all times.

His wife, has now been given permission to live in the UK by the same people who prosecuted this case, - namely the Immigration service. The CPS has admitted that the decision to drop the charges, the day before the case was due to be heard in Canterbury Crown Court, was taken on "public interest" grounds.

Mr Taylor's Legal Aid assistance cost taxpayers more than £100,000. The final bill for taxpayers, including CPS costs, could be well in excess of £300,000.



The prosecution resulted in an enormous upsurge in Dave’s CD sales with even the prosecution buying many copies to aid their case!


Notts-born musician Rockin' Dave Taylor has marked the end of a legal nightmare during which he faced the threat of prison under the Immigration Act for helping an alleged illegal immigrant - his then Brazilian wife Rosyane Costa-Ferreira. Andy Smart and David Byers report.

It was dawn on the picturesque Kent coast when Dave Taylor's peace was shattered by a police raid on his home.

It was the beginning of a legal nightmare for the Arnold-born star of the boogie-woogie music world - known as Rockin' Dave Taylor. "There were about 20 police officers... they came in like it was a drugs raid," said the 48-year- old entertainer.

He was arrested and held in a police station for two days in July, 2004. He was then charged under the 1971 Immigration Act on two counts of facilitating an illegal entry to the UK and knowingly harbouring someone once they were in the country - crimes which carry a maximum 14-year jail sentence.

The person in question was Brazilian nurse Rosyane Costa-Ferreira, the woman he had been living with for more than 8 years. He says there was a visa in her passport which proved she had permission to be in the UK. But the passport is alleged to have 'gone missing' among documents seized in the raid. It has never been recovered.

While Mr Taylor was being bailed, Rosyane was deported back to South America. It was six months before they met again - in Spain where Mr Taylor has a holiday home. For 15 months he fought to clear his name. The case was due to be heard at Canterbury Crown Court, but hours before he was to appear, prosecutors dropped all charges - leaving tax payers with a bill of at least £50,000.

Today, Mr Taylor spoke of his anger at his ordeal. Legal experts and race relations chiefs questioned how the case was allowed to carry on for so long. Mr Taylor married Rosyane in 2005. They had been living together in the UK for more than 8 years. He said he has been left thousand of pounds out of pocket, and has been on medication for depression as a result of the wrangle. "My professional and home life have been thoroughly disrupted. I have been under severe stress. "It was a very difficult time for both Rosyane and myself - but our relationship survived because we are committed to one another.

"I have waded through hundreds of pages of jargon presented by the prosecution and spent months going through documents in preparation for the trial. "If my experience reflects the standard of the British justice system, I think it leaves very much to be desired."

Immigration law expert Nicola Appleton, of solicitors Lewis Silkin, said: "I'm astonished that it got to this stage. It does seem an enormous waste of taxpayers' money."

Lord Ouseley, former chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said the case left him "depressed and despondent" about the state of the management and administration in the Home Office's immigration and nationality services. He said: "I am staggered how any one can penetrate this incompetent bureaucracy."

Mr Taylor's MP Julian Brazier, the Conservative member for Canterbury and Whitstable, told the Evening Post the police and crown prosecution service had become obsessed with this case, when there were many far more serious immigration issues to deal with. "This has been an extremely strange business, and it seems to me that he [Dave Taylor] has been given extremely rough treatment," the MP said. "I am someone who has taken immigration very seriously, but when a guy has this sort of problem bringing his wife into the country, something has obviously gone very wrong. "He is a British citizen and has been all his life - he was born and bred here. The whole thing is extremely stupid."

Mr Taylor was arrested at his home near Herne Bay, Kent, in a dawn raid in July 2004. Mr Taylor, who has performed at venues worldwide, including Japan, Hong Kong and Russia, was held for two days in a police cell. He says he was told in his initial police interview he was suspected of masterminding a major people- smuggling operation. Documents seized from his home proved swiftly that the only foreign national he had travelled with was Rosyane, who had regularly accompanied him to gigs on the Continent.

His lawyers advised him to plead guilty and accept a prison term of four years, instead of fighting and risking a much longer sentence.

Mr Taylor, who has played with such celebrities as Bill Haley and Chuck Berry, insists Rosyane was in Britain legally at all times.

His wife has now been given permission to live in the UK by the same people who prosecuted the case - namely the Immigration service. The CPS has admitted the decision to drop the charges, the day before the case was due to be heard in court, was taken on "public interest" grounds, after the Immigration Service had given Rosyane permission to stay in the country.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: "We cannot comment on individual cases."

Mr Taylor's Legal Aid assistance cost taxpayers more than £50,000.

The final bill for taxpayers, including CPS costs, will be well in excess of £100,000.

sabato 28 agosto, 21,30 (PIAZZA MATTEOTTI)

Loro sono i gangster dello swing, ragazzacci in doppiopetto malati di Louis Prima e Sam Butera compagni di merende (e di palcoscenico) di Ray Gelato, di Aldo, Giovanni e Glacomo e di tanti altri. Fuor di metafora, la migliore jumpin' jive band Italiana, spesso imitata e mai raggiunta. Swing italoamericano, con stile e passione. In una parola: Irresistibile. A Strade Blu arrivano con un ospite molto particolare. Un ospite che arriva appositamente dall'Inghilterra lui si chiama Dave Taylor ed è, semplicemente, il piu scatenato boogie man del planeta. Pianista straordinario, performer mitologico, devoto al boogie woogie e al rock and roll piu cristallino Già rockstar da milioni di dischi nell'Europa del Nord dagli anni '60 in poi, Dave Taylor è uno dei pochi artisti al mondo a tenere ancora viva la fiaccola piu autentica del rock and roll. Irresistibile.


ROCKIN' DAVE TAYLOR Compositore, pianista ed interprete ben noto Dave Taylor ha creato un mix unico di Big Band Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'n'Blues e Jump-Jive. Una volta un critico ha detto: "Non credo che abbia fatto intenzionalmente la storia del blues, ma in qualche modo c'è riuscito. La sua musica è difficile da inserire in qualsiasi categoria. Le sue radici sono tra musicisti del calibro di Merrill E. Moore, Louis Prima, Wynonie Harris, Moon Mullican e Count Basie. Dave è nato a Nottingham il 5 marzo '57. Fin da piccolissimoi ha dimostrato interesse per il pianoforte collocato in un angolo di casa e ben presto ha cominciato a pestare suitasti. Suonava nell'unico modo che conosceva ed un giorno ha chiesto a sua madre come si chiamava il suo stile. Lei gli rispose che era Boogie-Woogie. La mamma era comunque dell'opinione che il bimbo dovesse prendere lezioni di piano. Così avvenne. Durante l'adolescenza Dave cominciò ha suonare con dei gruppi amatoriali. Intanto lavorava in uno stabilimento industriale, a 17 anni lasciò il lavoro e cominciò a guadagnarsi da vivere suonando con varie band delle Midlands. Contemporaneamente studiava musica classica, ma i suoi studi si interruppero bruscamente quando, durante una competizione studentesca, presentò un jazz classico, la sonata "Al Chiaro Di Luna" di Beethoven e "Honky Tonky Train Blues". Sostenne un'audizione con un gruppo famoso, gli Hellraisers e fu subito ingaggiato anche se la band stava cercando un sassofonista. Il primo impegno fu all'Hard Rock Cafè di Copenhagen. Seguirono due anni di tour e collaborazioni con Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis e BB King. Con gli Hellraisers ha scritto il suo primo pezzo "Dim Light Boogie". Da allora il suo catalogo è cresciuto fino a comprendere 200 canzoni. In seguito ha suonato in Francia, Olanda, Portogallo e Scandinavia con la sua band Dave Taylor & Dynamite. Nel 1976 ha inciso per la prima volta "Honky Tonky Train Blues", ormai diventata il suo pezzo simbolo.



Corre l'anno 1993 quando, il forlivese Stelio Lacchini alias "Mr LUCKY LUCIANO" ed il bolognese Fabrizio Casadei in arte "BUM BUM LA MOTTA", forti dell'esperienza decennale "JUMPIN' SHOES" storica band di rock'n'roll che ottenne successi in tutta Europa, decidono di gettarsi a capofitto in quel vortice di swing italo americano che da origine ai "dello Swing": THE GOOD FELLAS. Quando si nasce nel Gangsters paese di Carosone, Buscaglione, Modugno; nel paese di origine di miti come Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Dean Martin e mille altri; non si deve fare molto per essere contagiati dalla musicalità, dalla voglia di divertire e divertirsi, dal buon cuore. Diciamocelo francamente, QUESTO è il paese del sole e dell'allegria. Il mondo intero da sempre ama il nostro popolo, la nostra arte, il nostro calore. Da qui parte l'esperienza dei nostri "Bravi Ragazzi". Ray Gelato, oriundo italo-americano-inglese, leader dei Ray Gelato Giants, vera autorità in materia e beniamino del pubblico italiano, li considera la migliore band del genere. In un percorso nato da una sincera amicizia lunga oltre 10 anni, Ray ed i Ragazzi hanno "incrociato" gli strumenti più volte. I GOOD FELLAS hanno partecipato più volte ad affermate trasmissioni televisive tra cui Roxy Bar, Help, Com'è, Il Boom. Oltre a Ray Gelato hanno lavorato al fianco di grandi star della musica swing e rhythm'n'blues: Dave Taylor, pianista inglese mago del boogie woogie, Graham Fenton, leader dei Match-box, million seller con "Rockabilly Rebel"; Screamin' Lord Sutch, maestro di artisti del calibro di Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Richards e pietra miliare della storia musicale inglese, Jack Scott, alias John Domenico Scafone, multimillion seller con "Leroy"; Blue Lou Marini, rnitico sassofonista della Blues Brothers Band. Durante una vorticosa esibizione presso il Binario Zero di Milano i Good Fellas si conquistano la simpatia e l'amicizia di Jad e DJ Ax, ovvero gli ARTICOLO 31, in seguito alla quale vengono chiamati a partecipare assieme a loro al Festivalbar 1998. Con grande cura Lucky e Fabrice scelgono i musicisti che completano l'organico dell'orchestra: arriva così al piano un maestro del boogie woogie, JIMMY GENNARO da Faenza, alla chitarra un giovane bluesboy di talento, JOHNNY COSTA, della invidiabile sezione fiati fanno parte JJ DI GIACOMO al trombone, RICO ROMANO e CHARLIE MARTINO alle trombe, ed il giovane WALLY DI CAPUA detto "Gigolò" al sax tenore; quest'ultimo riconosciuto dallo stesso Ray Gelato come una delle giovani promesse dello swing internazionale. Con l'intreccio delle voci di Lucky, Charlie e Rico, sempre a cavallo tra il serio e la burla, lo spettacolo non conosce soste; il ritmo irrefrenabile, il colore, gag ed il brano di jazz.

VEN. 7/1 NAIMA CLUB - 0543/722728 - 0335/314568 - 0543/35551 - VIA SOMALIA 2 - FORLI'
SAB. 8/1 BARFLY CLUB - 071/2866298 - 0335/6751590 - VIA A. GRANDI 3 - ZONA BARACCOLA - ANCONA



Rockin Dave

Klo 22 Imatran BB-festivaalilla nyt kolmannen kerran esiintyvä Dave Taylor putkahti suomalaisyleisön tietoisuuteen vuonna 1978 Kulttuuritalolla rock´n roll -kilpailuissa, joissa Dave varasti itselleen koko show´n. Voittoa Davelle ei tosin voitu antaa, koska kisa oli rajattu vain suomalaisille, mutta ehdottomasti se olisi miehelle kuulunut.

Siitä alkoi Taylorin ura Suomessa ja sen seurauksena kuusi vuotta kestänyt yhtäjaksoinen oleskelu maassamme, joiden aikana Taylor levytti useita rock´n roll levyjä ja perusti jopa oman levy-yhtiönkin, DT Recordsin. Suomessa Dave ehti tehdä myös lukuisia radio- ja TV-ohjelmia ynnä monenlaista muuta näkyvää musiikin alueella, palatakseen sitten 1983 takaisin Englantiin.

Omassa maassaan mies on herättänyt huomiota mm. toimimalla ison big bandin sekä hieman pienemmän Boogie Woogie bandin keulakuvana, ja tämän ryhmän kanssa Dave nyt saapuu kahdeksan vuoden tauon jälkeen taas Imatralle, esiinnyttyään aiemmin Kosken partaalla vuosina 1988 ja 1990.Vuonna 1988 Taylor kiipeili BB-teltassa mm. kannatussaloissa lähellä teltan kattoa. 1990 hän hyppäsi laskuvarjolla suoraan läheisen rakennuksen katolle ja kömpi siitä sitten kattoluukun kautta suoraan paikalliseen pubiin rauhoitusoluelle. Putoamispaikka kovassa tuulessa ei nimittäin ollut sama kuin suunniteltu...Englannissa

Taylorilla on mm. oma levytysstudio ja sen myötä on syntynyt viime aikoina komeita levyjä kuten esim. "Hooked On Rock´n Roll ja tuorein levy "Shotgun Boogie". Näillä levyillä ovat soundit kohdallaan, kiitos ammattimuusikkojen ynnä loistavan äänitystekniikan.Tämä voitaneen todeta myös Imatran konsertissa, joka on vanhan kunnon rock´n rollin ja boogie woogie musiikin ystävien kesän must-tapauksia. ja jo pelkästään show´na näkemisen arvoinen.Dave Taylorin Boogie Woogie Bandin muusikkojen nimet eivät ehtineet toimituksen tietoon sivujen julkaisuun mennessä, mutta bändin soitinvalikoimassa on kuitenkin maestro-Taylorin pianon ohella basso, steel kitara ja rummut sekä torvisektio.




IBBF 1990 (30.6.-7.7.)
Festivaalin suojelijana toimi pääjohtaja Heikki Koski.
Avajaisissa britti-rokkari Dave Taylor aiheutti BB-kadulle kokoontuneelle yleisölle sydämen tykytyksiä hyppäämällä laskuvarjolla kadun vieressä sijaitsevan talon katolle. Hyppy nimittäin jäi liian lyhyeksi, ja Dave putosi väärälle katolle, selviten kuitenkin tilanteesta nipin napin.
Esiintyjät lisääntyivät ja kansainvälistyivät entisestäänkin.

"DAVE TAYLOR strikes again! This young, British Rock'n'Roll veteran has come a long way. He has travelled alone - alone, but faithful to his individual style and his own idols. Again, Dave has hit the nail right on the head. A rolling piano, sturdy double-bass, howling saxes and hot guitar solos are just what Rock'n'Rollers want. Now is the time for Dave's success.

This is Dave's third LP during his stay in Finland. Dave rocks harder than ever before - harder than anyone else at present. On this album, Dave's idols - Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Roy Brown, Amos Millburn, Merrill E. Moore, Little Richard and many others - meet and swing in Dave's interpretations, in Dave's music and in Dave's own, distinctive style. This kind of swing and joy of rhythm is seldom heard in Finland.

All recordings were made 'live' in the studio. This way Dave hopes to give the listeners a chance to sense the real 'live' performance feeling - the gist of Rock'n'Roll. This record is for those of you who want to enjoy their Rock'n'Roll authentic, raw, steaming hot and burning. This record is for those of you who love Rock'n'Roll. This is Dave Taylor - THIS IS MR. ROCK!"

Seppo Elonen  Helsinki 1982                                                                                

Suosikki Magazine, Finland, 1979

Rockabilly star Dave Taylor deported from Finland: "I'm baffled!"Rockin Dave

English Rockabilly star who has been working in Finland for over two years is very sad. He has been branded as a non-desirable alien, due to a series of unfortunate coincidences. Dave has a large amount of finished recording material, but now he can't release it here. So, the release date will have to be postponed until he can return to Finland, the country which he has come to regard as his home.

Dave Taylor was doing well. There were plenty of gigs, and Finnish audiences were keen to go and see Dave's shows. Dave had even set up his own company. Then everything turned upside down.

Suosikki: What exactly is going on?

DT: I have overstayed in Finland illegally for two weeks. I won't now be granted a residence permit.

Suosikki: How did things come to this?

DT: It started when I left Vexi Salmi's company to set up my own publishing business. I also changed agents from Polartuotanto to Scanvox. This was the fatal move. Nobody notified the Aliens' Office that I was now employed by a different company. I didn't know that the Aliens' Office had to be notified, neither did my new company. Since I had been in Finland for two and a half years continuously, we thought that my paperwork was in order. The company lawyer, who is also my personal lawyer, has been finding out if the situation could be rectified and the deportation order reversed, but it's too late to do anything. I have committed an infringement under Finnish law, because I have stayed in the country without notifying the Aliens' Office.

Suosikki: Presumably the error can be put right and you will be able to return soon?

DT: I'm not allowed to return for six months. I have fallen into disfavour. The head of the Aliens' Office, Eila Kännö, is very strict when it comes to these matters. Explanations break no ice. Several people have contacted her on my behalf. Even Vexi Salmi has offered to renew my application, but of course that wouldn't be right anyway. Documentary warfare isn't going to save me now.

Suosikki: How do you feel about this?

DT: Terrible. I'm completely baffled, although it's not the first time I have been deported from Finland.

Suosikki: Of course we all know about that one , that was a disgraceful act  by the Finnish Government?

DT: Well it was certainly a surprise to me at the time!

Suosikki: Finland is like home to you by now?

DT: Yes. I have an apartment, a car and my own company here. I play at least four shows a week, so I am in regular employment. But this is not getting through to the authorities. I could understand that maybe I wouldn't be wanted if I were really a criminal. This country seems to be as strict as the USA. The worst part is that I had signed a contract with my new agency, and my shows are booked up six months in advance. I'm sure that the organisers will not like cancellations.

Suosikki: What are your plans now?

DT: I may head off to Canada. My parents are living there. I could go and see them and check out the possibilities of working over there. Although I don't have much interest in anything at the moment. I'd like to stay in Finland. I can't understand that I can't get as much as a visitor's visa for Finland, even if the authorities won't issue a work permit.

Suosikki: Of course, there is one solution…

DT: I know. I should marry a Finnish girl. But who???

Translation from Finnish by EFT Translations


Superstar Dave Rocks Finland's Pop Music Fans
by Richard Harris

WHEN Dave Taylor goes into a pub in Finland he can hardly move for grabbing, idolising female fans. When he does the same in England, he stands there, rocking on his feet, looking around for someone to talk to.

The contrast, even he admits, can be a bit disconcerting. But that's nothing compared with the difference between his lifestyle now and the one he left behind just a few years ago. In those days he was an assembly worker "putting parts on something or other" at Raleigh.

Boogie Style Sonata

Today this lad - who was once disqualified from a children's music competition for playing a boogie-style Moonlight Sonata - is one of the hottest properties in Finland, regularly appearing on the radio and television, selling thousands of records and earning £1,500 a night playing in packed dance halls wherever he goes.

"He is the most sensational act in Finnish show business today", says one top Scandinavian journalist.

"The secret of his success is his first class showmanship, excellent musical ability and a touch of rock feeling in the true 50s tradition. This little giant is without doubt the most promising and talented performer in years on the Finnish rock scene."

His success is even more marked when you compare it with what might have been…

When he returned to Nottingham the other day he found that, of his old friends, three were dead - two killed in road accidents and one in a fight - and several had unhappy marriages behind them.

Invited to London

"It wasn't easy fitting in when I came back," he says. "They have all sort of changed, all married and that. They were different people.

His story - a mixture of luck, talent and hard work - is the sort of thing to inspire any of us who feels that life is no challenge any more.

It all started conventionally enough: A teenager from Arnold playing for fun in bands with names like Rip It Up, Twice On Sunday and Rave On is eventually invited to London to take an audition with a (comparatively) big-name band called the Hell Raisers.

"They were wanting a sax player", Dave recalls. "My manager hadn't bothered to tell them I could only play the piano."

It was only afterwards, when Dave had quietly told them he hardly knew one end a of saxophone from the other and when he had spent an hour or so playing rock'n'roll on the piano of a nearby pub, that the group decided he was so good that maybe they could increase their line-up to accommodate him.

"They asked if I'd like to play with them and could I go to Denmark tomorrow. I had never been out of the country - I'd hardly been out of Nottingham before."

The band had their first rehearsal together on the ferry to Denmark - a journey that was to take them on tours of Britain and Europe, supporting the really big stars like Bill Haley.

"I thought that this was the happiest moment I could wish for, Dave says. All over Scandinavia and Europe. It was great."

"Then I began to get a little bit restless. I began to wonder if it was the end of the line and got a bit depressed."

After two years, when Dave was still only 18, the group split up, leaving him experienced, bewildered and, to some degree, disenchanted.

Once he was a Raleigh assembly worker - now he can earn £1,500 pounds a night playing in packed dance halls

"I thought it was time to get my own band together. Dave Taylor and the Dynamites. They are still going, you know - they're very good. Now."

Didn't work out

They did a couple of tours of such places as Holland, France and Denmark, but again it didn't work out.

"The lead guitarist said his wife didn't like him going away all the time and the bass guitarist had a job. They were going nowhere. So after two months I got out."

Dave, in the best tradition of rock stars who've never quite made it on their own, then started doing session work, backing others singers, playing in a casino and around the clubs before admitting defeat.

"I got a job making biscuits just mixing the stuff - in London. It was horrible."

All the money he made at the biscuit factory he ploughed into a demo tape, but he lost the lot, the money and the tape, when he was conned by "a man who said he'd make me a star". But then… a slice of luck.

"I started getting letters from a man in Finland who wanted me to make a record. He was the only person who even wanted to know me."

Biggest slice of luck

"So I made a single for him. It didn't do very well. It wasn't very good. But we made another and that didn't do very well either. It sold 25 copies, I think. Even so, I got some gigs over there and things started going better for me. I was working; things were going all right."

But then… disaster.

The Finnish police discovered he'd outstayed his work permit and they gave him 24 hours to leave the country.

And then came the biggest slice of luck in Dave's extraordinary story. While he was on the ship taking him from Finland, he received a cable from one of his old friends.
He told me to go to a hotel in Hamburg, where a room had been reserved for me, and I was to stay there until I heard more. There was £ 500 waiting for me with a note saying "sit tight". I just drank beer and sat there waiting - though I didn't know what I was waiting for.

Eventually his friend turned up and offered him the chance to make a record in Finland. So, with the prospect of some real work ahead, the authorities let him back in.

The record sold well and we did a TV show and several radio interviews. Another LP followed which did quite well; it was even released over here (it sold about 21,000 copies) and in the USA, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and Holland.

Since then Dave's success has snowballed, with hit albums, television shows and radio interviews and a new single, "Lonely as I Can Be", just released.

He has four part-time backing groups scattered in various parts of Finland (it works out cheaper than having one full-time band that follows him from gig to gig), he has bought his own recording studio and he lives on a picturesque island not far from Helsinki.

Students carried the piano

"They take their music more seriously over there, he says. The crowds are more ecstatic. They go more crazy."

One of Dave's favourite stories concerns the night when he was playing at a small town in northern Finland. He was lying across the top of the piano, leaning over and playing it in the best rock'n'roll style when his excited fans picked the whole thing up and carried it around the hall. He fell off and broke his arm.

"I am insured against accidents now," he says.